Just say no to Black Friday.

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It’s officially gotten out of control.  Wal-Mart is going to open at 8:00PM on Thanksgiving? Are you kidding me with that?  I feel bad for the people who work there.  Not just because they work at Wal-Mart, but because they have to work on Thanksgiving and I’m pretty sure unlike a unionized place, they aren’t getting paid over/double time.  I could be wrong, but somehow, I doubt it.

Working on Thanksgiving sucks.  I know. I’ve done it.  Those people who work at the movie theaters don’t get the day off. It would be one thing if the ushers or the people selling tickets & popcorn got a tip instead of an increased wage, like servers are accustomed to, but when was the last time you tipped someone at a department store or at the movies?  If for whatever reason you patronize a restaurant on Thanksgiving, you better damn well tip those people more than just a measly 20%.

There used to be a time when nothing was open on Thanksgiving.  People celebrated the holiday with their friends and/or family.  They didn’t camp out in front of a retail establishment in order to save up to 60% off on appliances and electronics.

It’s not like someone has a denominational difference that would prevent them from celebrating Thanksgiving.  It’s a purely secular holiday.  And before you go off on the Native American angle, I highly doubt those who are driven by the lust of commerce are concerned about the karmic debt we as a nation owe anyone.

I have nothing against saving money.  It’s just that is whatever you are going to buy so important that you have to give up sleep and time with family/friends in order to obtain it? Not to mention possibly trample someone? And do you really need to see a movie on Thanksgiving?  Can’t you wait until the next day or watch something at home?

2 thoughts on “Just say no to Black Friday.

  1. susan

    well…….the Bergs have been going to see a movie on Thanksgiving morning since 1997 when we saw Bug’s Life. it is a family tradition and done by us well before it was trendy. AND……we would always be very kind to everyone working, wishing them a good holiday, thanking them for working, etc.
    now we volunteer at Run to Feed the Hungry and then go to the movies.
    we also sometimes shop at Old Navy (only…..don’t know why but we do). its a madhouse, but a fun one. and everyone is in good spirits. again, we are very kind to everyone working, wishing them a good holiday, thanking them for working, etc.
    it used to be a family tradition in my unmarried youth to go to Tower Records after Thanksgiving dinner AND Christmas evening. it was just the way we rolled. by then we young adults needed a break from the family. again, with previous caveat.
    but in all cases, we weren’t out scouring for crazy insane savings. no elbowing people were involved. we were spending quality family time in our own unique way.
    gads! maybe I should make this my own blog post?!?!

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