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>Just in case you forgot how evil insurance companies can be, open enrollment time comes along to remind you.

What’s on the list of features this year? That’s right! Less coverage and higher premiums!

Oh, and just to make things even “better”, the insurance company is going to make me take an online “health assessment” in order to get $500 from my company! Wait, you are also going to make me go see a doctor when I’m not sick for a so-called “annual check up” just to get an additional $500? Yay!

Please take my personal information and use it against me or better yet, use it to make your case in Congress as to why pre-existing conditions should not be covered or why federal heath care is a bad idea.

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2 thoughts on “>It’s that time of year

  1. Miss M

    >There, there. Have yourself a cup of chamomile and calm yerself. 😛

    Coming from the insurance girl here – it's much easier to treat someone's high cholesterol caught in the early stages than to get them a quadruple bypass when they've been oblivious to it for 20 years. People usually feel fine until they're almost dead.

    There is a method to their preventive madness. It's cheaper to pay for those annual preventive visits than to wait for a catastrophe to happen. And most people appreciate the heads up when there's still time to change their lifestyle or get treatment. Skip that annual pap for a few years – you could die from an easily curable cancer.

    Those surveys? They're trying to gauge what sort of wellness programs might benefit your population. Are you a bunch of truckers who are overweight and eat on the road? Are you in the banking industry and idle most of the day? Maybe an employer paid gym membership would be the way to go. Maybe an online fitness website for free (think Weight Watchers). Lots of diabetics? Maybe a free diabetes management program. Possibly reduced copays to get them to be compliant with their medications. We've done that all for different clients.

    I can't speak for the big guys, but our company does those things because we know healthy people cost less in the long run, and our members appreciate those extras. If we pay for gym memberships or fees for park and rec sports, no copay on the annual wellness visit, and keep those surveys anonymous (always), people participate.

    Yes, the insurance companies are pushing for preventive care because it saves money. But some of us really do care about our people. 🙂

  2. SFChick74

    >Unfortunately, I have to politely disagree with you.

    I've heard too many stories of people being sent home when insurance wouldn't cover the medical assistance they needed.

    I also really can't believe that hidden in those "I agree" terms, when submitting surveys, isn't some loophole stuck in so insurance companies can use the information I give them in a way that I either don't agree with or could be negatively used.

    Most of us don't read those terms and probably wouldn't understand them anyway. Other companies insert vague clauses in their "terms of use" agreements to their benefit, why should insurance companies be any different?

    The older I get, the more I realize that it's not the government we need to monitor as much as it is the corporations.

    My feelings about insurance companies run deep. And I'm not talking about just medical; car insurance, homeowner's insurance, and the like all feel like scams to me. My money would be better spent just tucked away in an interest bearing savings account, yet the law says I have to have car insurance and I can't get a loan for my home if I don't get homeowners insurance.

    And don't get me started on pharmaceutical companies…talk about a good idea gone bad!


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