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Fall in Sacramento…a time of year that brings to mind Apple Hill, brightly colored leaves…and fun runs. Summers are usually too hot for charities to raise money by getting folks to walk for 5 kilometers through city streets, so around mid-September to early October, fun run season commences.

While I don’t have a problem with charities raising money, I do have a problem with large chunks of city streets being closed off every goddamn weekend. Some of us have places to go and errands to run that we can’t do in the middle of the week because we still have jobs.

Look at this list of runs within 25 miles of Sacramento. There are 43 between September 1 and January 31! This is out of hand. I thought everyone was obese. Why are the 5Ks so popular? I walked the Run to Feed the Hungry once and it was pure hell. First of all, I get bored after about a quarter of a mile. Second of all, why would I need to walk for 3 miles? If anything is that far, I’m going to drive it and so are you, admit it.

There has got to be a more fun way to raise money. What happened to spaghetti feeds or carnivals? It doesn’t have to be a fancy, black tie gala. Those really aren’t fun either. But a party of some sort is usually pretty fun. Either way, just stop blocking off the streets, please I beg of you!

1 thought on “>It’s not really fun to run

  1. Beilezebub

    >Hahaha, I hate to tell you this Ms. but I'm prediciting within 5 years you will be running and loving it! Its one of things but suddenly grabs and interst and won't let go. I appreciate your frustration with street closing but you know, they are a lot less annoying if you're on a bike.


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