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>That’s the only way I can explain having the same views on an issue as Republican Senator Arlen Specter.

I find it suspicious that not only did the Patriots receive a mere slap on the wrist for cheating, but that the evidence to the fact was destroyed by the NFL and no further investigations or oversight were put in place in the aftermath.

Anyone with enough ego to cheat at something is not going to stop simply because they were caught. If they had any common sense, they wouldn’t have cheated in the first place. The above referenced article stated the NFL Commissioner’s response to the Senator’s inquiry:

He said destroying the tapes was “the best way for me to make sure the Patriots had followed my instructions.”

Locking up the evidence proved not to be an option.

“We thought we had locked it up, and it got out five days later,” Goodell said. “That was one of my concerns.”

The NFL Commissioner cannot trust those who work for him? You can’t tell me very many people had access to that locked up evidence. So either the frozen burgers at the local McDonald’s have more security in place to protect them from being stolen than sensitive information at the NFL or Goodell is covering something up.

Remember a few years ago when the NFL went nuts because Las Vegas was advertising the city as a destination to enjoy the Super Bowl? At the time it was said that the NFL didn’t want to be associated with something as distasteful as gambling. I guess cheating is a much more acceptable vice.

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  1. ajooja

    >Being a Rams fan, I’m glad we have something else to whine about than the manhandling of our recievers the referees allowed during the Pats’ first Super Bowl win.


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