>If I find this guy…

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>I’ll give him a real reason to be distraught! Go jump in the river or something, you jerk.

Motorists were stuck in traffic for hours Saturday while police tried to talk down a man threatening to jump from the Howe Avenue bridge – KCRA.

If there is one thing I can’t stand it’s when people block traffic unnecessarily. I was stuck in this mess and it was sheer chaos. People started making the shoulder into their own lane. No one wanted to let people merge into the exit lanes to escape the madness. It took me 30 minutes to go ONE MILE! I could have walked faster!

I just can’t feel sorry for people when they act like this guy. I’ve been distraught. I’ve been depressed and not once during those times did I think that hurtling myself into on coming traffic would be a good idea. Aside from the whole death thing, I wouldn’t want to piss off a whole bunch of people at once like that.

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2 thoughts on “>If I find this guy…

  1. FreedomGirl

    >What an ass for holding up traffic! Jump, already….JUMP!!!

    We used to jump off the Fair Oaks bridge into the American. My more talented friends did gainers for beer. The only traffic we stopped were bikes. Rainbow bridge in Folsom is another good one for jumping…but I bet thats near impossible to pull off now.


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