>Hot sports car with no gas tank – SF Chronicle

>It’s a little Edison’s Medicine for the big oil companies.

The car is a Tesla Roadster, and it looks remarkably like a Lotus — no surprise, because the Tesla is built on the Lotus assembly line in England. The surprise, though, is how much it is also like a small Ferrari and how utterly quiet it is.

Sweet. Now can they make one that I can afford? I wanted that EV-1 thing that was out a while ago, but since I didn’t own a house, I couldn’t get the charging station installed in my garage.

Actually, if I had my way, I’d have a solar powered flying car. That would be freaking awesome! Shit, it’s the year 2006, can’t we get a little more technology going on for our cars? Freaking satellite TV, cell phones, and the Internet, but we can’t have a car that runs on solar power?

Come on people! Turn off Fear Factor and invent something!

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