High School Reunion: Let the pain begin

This weekend I’m going to my high school reunion. It’s going to be awful. I don’t say that because of all the bad memories I had in high school. It’s not because all of my friends are not going. It’s because the venue is OUTSIDE. That’s right. It’s going to be held at a ranch. A RANCH!

So, not only will we all be trying to deal with the awkwardness of seeing old acquaintances after a two decade absence, but we all have to deal with Port-o-Potties. PORT-O-POTTIES!

On top of the fact that it will be in the early evening (no not prevening), so the heat and bugs will also be a factor in this lovely equation of emotional pain.

This is why I moved out of Vacaville. Can’t we just have a nice soiree indoors like the city folks do?

By the way, this train of thought was spurned by the question posted in a Facebook group for my high school reunion:

If it weren’t going to be 5 degrees cooler than the surface of the sun, I’d probably wear jeans & Keds because…outside! I absolutely hate when dirt gets in my sandals. But because it will be closer to 95 degrees than any human should have to bear, I’ll have to wear something so I won’t pass out from heat exhaustion. Also, I’ll have to wear sunblock & Deep Woods Off because it would just be grand to be sunburned and covered in bug bites.

What blows my mind is that people get married at this place. Why not just find a spot along the Tahoe Rim Trail and drag all your friends and family out there to fend off bears while you get hitched.

Great. I forgot about the rattlesnakes.

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