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>Having lived and worked in San Francisco for a good chunk of my life, I’m curious as to what these outsiders consider “San Francisco values”. Is it a zealous hunt for a parking space? Is it the “timeliness” and the scent of the MUNI?

In an article in the Knoxville News Sentinel, apparently Newt Gingrich thinks it means “gay marriage, cutting and running from Iraq, coddling terrorists, raising taxes, amnesty for illegals”. Let me address each of these definitions.

Gay marriage is not nefarious. Grow up and get over it.

The war in Iraq is a complete waste of time, money, and lives.

How has anyone in San Francisco coddled a terrorist? Seriously, why would anyone believe this? He is just making shit up now.

How does the city of San Francisco provide amnesty for illegals? I’m assuming that he means illegal immigrants and not everyone who has committed a crime of any nature.

Raising taxes is not evil either. Unless of course you think having firefighters put out your house when the cat knocks over the iron is something that will send you straight to hell. Maybe you have something against not having streets riddled with potholes. These things are covered by taxes. Costs go up (materials, salaries, gasoline) and to cover them taxes must also go up.

In that same article, House Speaker Dennis Hastert asked, “Do we really want Nancy Pelosi’s San Francisco values leading the culture war?”

Um, what? Culture war? Win did the Republicans declare war on culture? Or is it just stuff that comes from San Francisco? Damn you, Golden Gate Bridge!

Note to the staff at the Knoxville News Sentinel: Don’t quote someone from an anonymous MySpace page. You might as well get in a chatroom on AOL and start quoting the crazy that flies about in there.

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2 thoughts on “>Fox News Values

  1. gigi

    >damn. i’ve not even been to san francisco and i’m offended.

    you know he’s just pickin on SF because of all the gays 🙂

    sometimes he forgets that he shares a name with a species of amphibians.

  2. SFChick74

    >LOL! He’s also the brainchild who promoted the Contract on America. I mean the Contract with America. Either way, it was a disaster.


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