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>The Penn State scandal makes me sick. First it was because so many people failed to protect children from a monster. As I started reading more, there was a question that I kept asking, but no one seemed to be able to answer. Why didn’t the graduated student, who walked in on a boy being sodomized by Sandusky not take the nearest blunt object, like his fist, and beat the living hell out of that monster to stop the horror unfolding in front of him?

Have I watched too many movies to assume a man can be a hero?

Why didn’t he call 911 if he was too afraid to physically confront a child molester?

So, he doesn’t go to the police. He just reports it the next day to Joe Paterno.

This isn’t a case of someone leaking trade secrets to the competition. This isn’t some white color crime where books are being cooked to make it look like a company is making money when they are really losing it.

A child is being raped in front of this man and he does pretty much nothing.

Then, I find out, this grad student is now a football coach at Penn State!

Who at Penn State thought it was a good idea to give this guy a job? It looks like he’s being rewarded for covering up a scandal or at the very least being paid hush money.

My brain just can’t wrap around what the hell went on at that university. Over 15 years this crap went on and no one stopped it. So far, 9 victims have come forward. We all know there are more out there.

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