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>The financial market looks like it’s collapsing. I’m pretty sure the companies in trouble knew they were headed for a fall. It’s not like the subprime mess is a big secret. Heck, I knew something was wrong with the mortgage industry three years ago. This is what comes of letting the patients run the asylum. The government needs to check the greed of businesses. Get that through your heads, Republicans.

Speaking of major Republican screw ups…

Hurricanes keep blowing towns/cities away. I feel awful for those who lost their homes, but who the hell let those people build so close to the beach? Can the planning committees start doing their jobs and protect people from themselves? It’s kind of like building a fire station right on top of the San Andreas fault. DUMB!

Anyone who doesn’t evacuate when told to is a fool. You are not brave. You are an IDIOT. So what if your house made it through the maelstrom? You’ve got no electricity, no water and no sewer. And you will be without those necessary services for weeks. By the way, you just waded through raw sewage to get a look at where your porch landed. Hope you had your shots! You know what pisses me off the most? The fact that people had to risk their own lives to save yours when you should have left when they told you!

I’m sick and tired of all the stupidity out there. I hope that FEMA has learned from its mistakes and takes better care of those affected by Hurricane Ike.

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