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>For its own safety, put your  dog on a goddamn leash.  I was just walking down the sidewalk minding my own business when your dog noticed me.  It’s bark made me look at it as I passed by your house on my way to the corner.

When a dog runs at me, top speed, while barking angrily, I tend to defend myself from it.  Had you not come out of your house the moment you did, I would have kicked your dog in self defense.  Your yell stopped it from touching me, but I still felt the wind brush the cuff of my jeans…a force created by your dog barreling towards me. 

I would never intentionally harm an animal, but I will defend myself against being injured by one.  One day your dog will go after the wrong person.  It’s not your dog’s fault.  It’s yours.  Your dog is only acting on instinct.

Again, I warn you, keep your dog on a leash when it’s in the front yard.  Otherwise, it might run out into the street at the wrong time to attack a passerby only to be hit by a car.  Both the driver and the passerby will be innocent.  The dog’s blood will be on your hands alone.

Too many people in East Sacramento have a lackadaisical attitude towards their canine companions while in public.  You are opening yourself up to unnecessary stress.  What if a child was walking down the street and your dog went after it? If you just thought, “My dog would never do that” you are fooling yourself. Had I been walking with my nephew and your dog went for him, you and I would be having this conversation very loudly and in person.  My instincts to protect children override my concern for polite behavior.

Our street is not a quiet one.  Many people walk and ride their bikes down it all day long, every single day.  If you want to be able to let your dog roam free on your property, move to the outskirts of Woodland. You live in a town, not the country. Your dog is a dog, not a child.  Please treat it as such.

I hope you realize that you have pissed me off with your behavior. I hope you know that the next time you probably won’t be so lucky. I hope you know the next person will probably do more than just throw you a nasty look like I did.

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