>Dating: Myths, fears and frustration

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Where did I get this idea that a guy should call/text/send telegrams within 24 hours after a date if he is interested in seeing me again? 

Clearly it’s a myth. I still blame Disney for perpetuating it, but I don’t have proof. Such men don’t exist in my experience, at least not in the greater Sacramento area. I think I’m going to have to expand my online dating search area to include most of Northern California.

If you’ve been reading my blog for any length of time, you will know the pattern I fall into:

First date goes well. I have a good time, no one gets physically injured, and I can’t wait to see him again. He even says he wants to see me again.

Then, nothing.

A few times, since I started my online dating adventures I have been on second dates.

Once I even went on a third date, but that’s when I decided I wasn’t into the guy.

So, I googled “how long should it take for a guy to call* you after a date” and the results were mixed. Some guys were all about calling within 24 hours. Most were in the 48 hour window. Is it that I don’t correctly use my feminine wiles in order to charm a man into desperately needing to call me as soon as possible?

Or is it that I’m just not attractive enough for a man to even consider seeing me again as an option? Then again, how do those hideously ugly people find mates? Is that my problem? I’m jealous of ugly people.

Maybe I’m boring on a date. I haven’t seen any yawns though. No one has ditched me mid date. (Knock on wood) I witnessed that happen once. It’s not a pretty site. Guy got up from the table at Max’s Opera Cafe. Gal sat there waiting for him as I watched him cross Van Ness Ave.

Maybe I’m socially retarded and scare off men because they fear that their friends might see me with them and my date wouldn’t be able to handle the teasing as a result.

Maybe I need to whore it up and lose all my self respect as well as the respect of everyone else in order to achieve that mythical 24 hour call. I’m reaching my sexual peak, so I’ll probably just lose my mind one day and it won’t take much alcohol, if any, to do so.

My morals keep me single and poor, it would seem. But hey, I don’t usually have trouble sleeping at night.

*By the way, kids, when I say “call” I mean to include any form of communication…text, email, tweet, MyFace post, etc.

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