>Dammit, I’m sick of being scared.

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>Today there was an article in the Bee about the possibility of a building moratorium coming in December due to the newest federal flood hazard map. Apparently, the levees in Natomas are even worse than previously thought. They don’t even meet the 30 year flood protection standard. Maybe in a couple years they might be up to that lowly standard. That is if the funding actually gets approved (doubtful since no one wants to pay taxes for anything) and bureaucracy move at lightening speed (that only happens in movies and various other forms of fiction).

So, why are the levees in Natomas so bad and no where else? Aren’t there levees all along the American and Sacramento Rivers? How is it that East Sacramento, Woodland, and other various parts of the area in the floodplain don’t have any worries? I can’t be the only one asking these questions.

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2 thoughts on “>Dammit, I’m sick of being scared.

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