City of Trees? Please!

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For two weeks, the local press has had stories on a tree.  That’s right, world.  Sacramento is the City of Trees and news is slow, so they are obsessing about a tree being brought down in midtown.

My roommate had to take down a tree that was rotting from the inside in the backyard, but you don’t see me up in arms about it.  Trees die.  They are plants.  Can we get over it?

Yes, I realize I am playing into the stupidity by writing about it, but I have writer’s block and insomnia, so shut up.

You think I’m kidding when I say Sacramento media has been talking about it for two weeks?

To wit, a story in the Sacramento Business Journal on August 7th.  This is where I first read about the dreaded downing of a camphor tree.

The barrage of tweets is what brought this tree scourge to my awareness again:

And then of course, there was this article on the Sacramento Press website  yesterday asking the age old question, “Can we have the wood?”  I’m 12 years old and that’s hilarious.

Look, I’m not anti-tree or anti-wood or anything, but this is just ridiculous.  There was a benefit for the urban wood? A $10 donation? Penis jokes aside, isn’t there something a little more worthy that could use that money? I mean what is the difference between urban wood and wood from the country?  Seriously, who is this concerned with wood?!?

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