>Can we repeal Prop 13, please?

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>Because I’m sick of having to dodge all the damn potholes on my way to work!

Thanks to all who voted for it in 1978. I was just shy of 4 years old at the time. You let me and my whole generation down. We were the first kids to suffer through the cutbacks at public schools that resulted from your votes. Take a look around today and see what a measly 1% property tax gets you these days: Bare bones firefighting crews, ever plummeting public school quality, police forces stretched to the limit, and roads that chew up and spit out your brand new car in a matter of months.

Mello Roos that!

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1 thought on “>Can we repeal Prop 13, please?

  1. SFChick74

    >Obviously, I’ve been studying too damn much for my upcoming real estate test. Please forgive the uncreativity of my previous posts.


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