>Are you kidding me?

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>According to this Business Week article, the Republicans in California’s state legislature are completely nuts:

Republicans have remained steadfastly against raising taxes, rejecting a Democratic proposal for $8.1 billion in cuts and $8.1 billion in tax increases. They have failed to present their own plan, but promised to release a package next week that is expected to contain spending cuts, a cap on future spending and relaxing labor and environmental regulations.

So, we screw the environment and safety of people who still have a job in order to save a few bucks? Good idea.

Here’s another gem:

The governor unveiled a large deficit clock counting the number of days the Legislature has failed to act since he declared a special session Nov. 5. Schwarzenegger said the clock would be placed outside his Capitol office.

You have got to be kidding me! Seriously, how much did that gimmick cost tax payers?!? It better have come out of his Jingle All the Way earnings.

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