>You call it inflation, I call it crap


I’m pretty sure this whole inflation thing is a scam. I’m not an economist, nor do I play one on TV, but I really hate it when people use inflation as an excuse to make shit seem like it’s not getting more expensive. You know what I’m talking about… A loaf of bread used to be a nickel in 1911, but if you factor in inflation that makes it eleventy billion dollars in 2011 money.

Oh, but people make comparatively more money. Really? Because I haven’t had a raise in almost 4 years, yet the cost of everything has gone way the hell up. No one is inflating my income.

And you know what the bitch of all this economic stuff is? There is really no way for me to increase my pay grade. Go back to school you say? Oh sure. Spend another eleventy-billion dollars just to come out with a degree in a year or two and be told I need to get another degree to get that job that pays more money. I’ll just stop buying loaves of bread instead.

Maybe I’ll just marry a rich man. I’ll give him children if he gives me financial security. Did I really just write that? Yikes. I need to get back in my time machine and get out of this 1911 mindset.

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