>Words to live by or ones I’ve just heard lately

>”I’d be angry too if I had to drive a mini-van.”

“Which eye is his good eye?”

“Who authorized this high-end brand of Kleenex?”

“He’s the folded-hanky-in-the-pocket type.”

“I’ve been asked alot of stupid questions this week and it’s only Tuesday.”

“Do we know how he fell of the roof?”

“Why is Jane depressed?” Answer: “She’s pregnant and sober.”

“Getting stood up would actually be an improvement on my love life.”

“Have you noticed that most people who work at non-profits are unattractive?”

“Could you whine just a little more? I’ve got your Pampers outside.”

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Wine drinker, LEGO minifigure enjoyer, movie watcher, furniture re-arranger, Nook reader, traveler, online shopper, aphorism collector, cheese lover, humor blogger?

3 thoughts on “>Words to live by or ones I’ve just heard lately

  1. Notsocranky Yankee

    >I’d be angry if I had to drive a mini-van. I always thought there was some sort of lobotomy involved after the purchase of one of those. Mini-van drivers, (both men AND women I like to point out to my husband) seem to have lost their ability to drive properly!

  2. SFChick74

    >Indy: Thanks…I tend to write down alot of things I hear friends and family say.

    Yankee: I agree, why any woman would WANT to drive a minivan is beyond me.


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