What’s grosser than gross?

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Apparently, I’ve entered the snotty, stuffed up sinus phase of my illness.  Last night, I encountered the lovely sinus pressure and felt like my right ear was going to explode.  So of course, I tried to “pop” it.  I’m guessing I was trying to change the pressure in my head…either way, it was a bad, bad idea.

Remember the great red spot on Jupiter?

Well it’s ON MY EYE!

In my eye!

Please pardon the unkempt eyebrow.  I honestly didn’t realize they were that bad until I was looking at these photos.  Hopefully, you can’t see the smeared mascara just below my eye.  It was barely 5:45 in the morning when I noticed this horrible contusion.  Wait, that’s a bruise…maybe it’s an explosion.  Either way, it doesn’t hurt, but it scares the crap out of me.

Oh, I’m sorry…it’s a HEMORRHAGE.  That makes me feel so much better, Mayo Clinc.  Basically, there’s nothing I can do until the blood absorbs back into my eye.  Pardon me while I barf.  I get to walk around with this for two weeks?

Do you see any change?  It’s been over 12 hours now.  There has to be some improvement…at least to my eyebrow.

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