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>Have you heard about people confusion articles from the parody newspaper, the Onion, as being sincere, real articles? Honestly, I didn’t think people could be that stupid. I’ve seen screen captures of reactions on Facebook to Onion articles, but again, I thought that was a joke. Come on…are people THAT dumb?

Often, I hear real news stories that seem so far fetched, I assume they are from the Onion.  But as they say, truth is stranger than fiction.  Which can sometimes be scary…

This evening, I had an Onion moment. The edge of my awareness heard a commercial tease for a local news story about kids huffing air conditioner refrigerant.

What. The. Hell.

Remember when kids used to just sneak their parents’ alcohol and cigarettes? Why don’t they just take a big old rock and bash their head in to get high?

Before some random parents’ group gets its rhetorical panties in a bunch, I am not condoning rock to head bashing. This is an extreme example used for comedic effect.

Now that I’ve effectively killed that joke because I’m afraid of being sued by the stupid, please don’t ban rocks. I see there is a parent group that wants to ban refrigerant. How about you teach your kid some common freaking sense? I mean shouldn’t there be a line in the sand where your brain goes, “Maybe inhaling a toxic substance that I can’t even let touch my skin without significant repercussions might not be a good idea.”

This is harsh, but if your kid is old enough to want to get high and can’t realize that refrigerant huffing is really stupid, I really hope they don’t procreate. No one wants dumb genes swimming around our pool.

Oh, and if you try and ban air conditioning because some kids aren’t smart enough to not huff a toxic substance…I will lose my mind.  You can’t live in Sacramento and stay sane in the summer time without central AC.

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