What time is it?

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Time zonesSince I’m currently seeking employment, I don’t have a regular daytime routine.  Also, since I recently moved across two time zones and into a place with my boyfriend, I have quite a bit to get used to…many changes happened over the last week.  Not to mention that thing in Wyoming

The weather might be contributing to my confusion too.  It’s supposed to be spring, but there’s snow and it’s cold. But it stays light until 8:00 PM, which is very anti-winter.

For the past few days, my inner clock has been off.  My natural night owl is coming out.  My bedtime seems to hover around midnight.

Add to that when I look at the clock and see it’s 5:00 PM, my brain goes, “Wha? It feels like 2:00 PM.”

Call it jet lag (even though I didn’t fly) or maybe I just need a job so I can feel a sense of routine.  However, I am enjoying spending all this time with Paul. It might be driving him crazy, but he’s not showing it.  Did I mention he works from home? So, he’s grinding away at whatever it is he does, while I sit as quietly as I can on the couch searching on the web for some sort of career oriented task to make money to contribute to the household.

One good thing, I’m living in the Central Time Zone.  When I was a kid, I was jealous of the people who lived in this time zone.  They got to see all of the prime time shows an hour earlier than everyone!  8/7 Central? Not fair!

Now, I’m living the dream.  Well, living with Paul is my real dream, but being in the Central Time Zone is a big bonus.

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