>Waving Brains (Not for Zombies)

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At lunch, I usually read the San Francisco Chronicle.  I still yearn for the Bay Area deep in my heart, so I still read its newspaper. 

Anyway, there was an article about this new video game that uses your brain as the controller.  Basically, the more you concentrate, the higher your score on the various games you can play.  It uses your brain waves to shoot a gun or make fireworks explode.

It was one of those moments of clarity I have…brain waves…what are they? Electricity? Energy?  How far do they ooze out of our heads?  We know they exist.  We have machines and now a gaming system that detects them and measures them. 

Maybe at some point we will be able to read each other’s minds or at least better feel each other’s emotions.  Maybe we can sense other people’s thoughts even now.  They are energy, right?  

Maybe some people really do share a brain.  Not in the physical sense, but they share a mind, shared energy.  I’m just trying to figure out why some people are so stupid.  Maybe someone is stealing their brain waves.

Of all the things I try to control, I always forget to control my thoughts. Sometimes I just have to relax though.  It would be nice to achieve that monk concentration/relaxed state.  It’s probably a lot of hard work and you probably have to live like, well, a monk.

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