Wandering the Minneapolis Skyway

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Minneapolis, Minnesota, Skyway, downtownYou know why I love the Skyway?  Because it’s indoors.  I can explore blocks and blocks in the city of Minneapolis and never have to be subjected to dirt, bugs, wind, rain or ne’er-do-wells passing a joint around on a corner.  Yes, I saw that today as I was driving home.

Regardless, the Skyway reminds me of the casinos in Las Vegas.  Not because there is gambling and funny noises, but because you don’t have to go outside to have a good time and places are farther away than they seem.  I have walked more in the past two weeks than I did when I would do my silly circuit on Capitol Mall in Sacramento.

I’ve seen some interesting things like this random tennis court on the corner of a downtown block.  People were sitting there eating lunch, but no one was playing tennis.

downtown tennis

I know, I should bring my lunch to work so I save money and eat less, but one of the joys I have each day is trying a new place to eat my midday meal.  Sometimes I go to a place I’ve been a few times, but I have tried a few new sandwich and burger places.

I’ve even ventured out of the tubes to a food truck once.  I was overwhelmed by the choices.  There were at least seven of them on the street.  I went to the one with the shortest line. It was delightful!

Minnesota, FoodTruck

I also enjoy how many amenities are nearby aside from the random eateries.  There’s a Target, Macy’s, Office Depot…and I don’t have to get in my car to go to any of them.  I just get up from my desk and go down to the Skyway.  It blows my mind and I love it.

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