>Unwritten Rules: Watch My Stuff?

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It always baffles me when a perfect stranger trusts me enough to watch their belongings.  What about me seems innocent?  Maybe it’s a facade I put up to lure unsuspecting people into abandoning their purses or laptops.  One guy asked me to watch his bike.  Really?  It wasn’t locked.  I could have jumped on and ridden off into the sunset with it.

The Sacramento Airport warns people to maintain control of their bags.  Why should Starbucks or Peets be any less riddled with ne’er-do-wells?

Also, there is a time limit should you throw caution to the wind and trust a stranger to watch your property.  It’s pretty much a quick trip to the bathroom.  Need more specific parameters?  Five minutes.  After that, my social contract expires and I can leave your abandoned belonging to fend for themselves.

If you aren’t paranoid enough to worry about someone stealing your wallet or computer, why should I be?  It’s not my stuff.  I have my own shit to worry about.  I don’t need the added responsibility of your stress, Stranger Danger.  Plus, you’re lucky I have a conscious and don’t want to be burdened by the guilt inherent in theft.

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