>This is not State Fair weather

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>If you’re not from Northern California, you won’t understand why people in Sacramento are freaking out. It has nothing to do with politics. There’s a bizarre situation going on. The State Fair started yesterday…and it’s freaking freezing! OK, it’s not actually freezing per se, but by State Fair Weather standards, it’s down right icy.

Do you see that forecast? You should all be worried. It’s off by a good 15 degrees. Seriously, I’m not one of those apocalypse-types, but if that’s not a sign that shit’s about to go down, I don’t know what is….

In all the years I’ve lived in California, it has always been MINIMUM 95 degrees during the State Fair. An exceptionally nice day is 90, but even then it still felt like 111110000000 degrees on the pavement of the midway, but we all expected it.

The melty midway?

We really don’t know what to do with this cooler weather. I mean, no one will go into the exhibits to escape the heat. Because we all know no one actually goes into the halls to find out who won best pie and pickles or to see what they might be selling upstairs, we go inside to stop from melting like the Wicked Witch of the West.

I wonder if the food will sell out more quickly? I do know that the cheapos will be skipping the parking fee and lining the side streets. Come on folks. It’s only $10. If you are with more than one adult, split the cost and forgo one of those deep fried concoctions. You’re colon will thank you for it.

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