>There’s a machine for that…

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>There’s a rule of thumb I have when buying clothes & dishes…if it can’t be cleaned in a machine I have at home, I won’t buy it.

Luckily Dry-el lets me dry clean stuff at home, but mostly I just try to avoid those fancy type clothes. Target & Old Navy rarely sell Dry Clean Only. It’s when I venture to the likes of Macy’s & Nordstrom’s that I need to check the labels.

There’s also no hand washing in my house. Hello, gentle cycle!

You know those really delicate crystal glasses? Since I’ve never been married, I don’t own any fancy crystal goblets, but my sister gave me some free ones she got for joining a wine club.

Ok, maybe they aren’t very delicate, but the etching looks pretty fragile.  I’m tempted to donate them to Goodwill or something because odds are I won’t use them. Then again, if by some miracle more than 3 people actually come to visit my house at the same time, it will be nice to have some extras.

Then of course, where the heck am I going to store them?  Most of us have stuff lying around our house for that “just in case” time which never seems to come. I’ve been trying to rid myself of those just in case things…because I figure after 10 years of storage, that shit just ain’t happening. Am I right? Of course, two weeks later I will probably find myself in need of those little red glass beads I bought thinking they would be pretty in a vase with a candle.

2 thoughts on “>There’s a machine for that…

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