>Ten is a Magic Number

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>The other day I was wondering why everything in sets of ten is important to people.  Working in a job for 18 years is just as impressive as getting to 20.

Is it because that’s how many fingers we have? Ten not twenty!

Now that I think about it, we do have a few things that aren’t in tens.  There are 12 inches in a foot and 3 feet in a yard.  There are 2 pints in a quart and 4 quarts in a gallon.  There are 43,560 square feet in an acre and there are 640 acres in a section.  There are 36 sections in a township and now I’ve lost you because I’ve geeked out on the land measurements.

Sorry for the digression…

The only reason we care about the 16th, 18th and 21st birthdays is because we get to do new things at each milestone.  Beyond those years, we revert back to tens.

Which reminds me, someone told me the other day why the metric system never really caught on in the US.  It’s not because Americans are dumb or lazy.  It had to do with manufacturing.  Swapping out all of the machinery and tools for metric ones would have been too expensive, so they just kept the English system in place.  Is it English?  Well, anyway whatever it is we use today.

2 thoughts on “>Ten is a Magic Number

  1. SFChick74

    >LOL! Sorry, sometimes my brain takes weird side trips down the esoteric path or boring path depending on your point of view. 🙂


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