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>No, my email isn’t about to run around drunk and topless. I just have 427 unread emails in one of my accounts.

Did I mention I can’t even remember how many email accounts I have? Is this typical or am I addicted to technology?

Honestly, I cannot keep up. It’s not spam either. I just seem to sign up for notifications about stuff, read only the subject line and then get distracted by something shiny like Twitter.

It’s all Twitter’s fault. If I wasn’t reading tweets from interesting and funny people, I would be reading my email and probably a few more blogs.  Of course, I could also blame my recent move and new job increasing my stress level while decreasing my free time, but I think I’ll go with the Twitter theory.

Conservatively, in the email accounts I can remember the passwords to, I probably have 3000 unread messages. Of course, I can’t get a guy to reply to a message I send him on a dating site…maybe he has the same problem I do. Is there a rehab for poor email habits?

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