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It’s funny to me how prevalent tattoos are on people now. Back when I was a kid in the 80s, only rock stars and bikers had them. Now you see them almost everywhere.

I don’t really care if you have one. I thought I wanted one in my college days, but I could never decide on what to etch into my skin on a permanent basis. That’s a huge commitment. At 60, I would still have to be happy with whatever emblem or scene was reflected at me in the mirror. Of course, I could have gotten something somewhere I hardly ever see, but what’s the point of that? I paid for it. I want to see it.

Because I over analyze anything I purchase, I could never decide. It takes me forever to buy furniture and that’s not permanent, but it is a long term commitment.

I feel buyer’s remorse even before buying. What about a butterfly on your ankle? No. The Gemini symbol on your hip? No. Maybe it’s because no symbol really moves me passionately. Maybe I’ve just never seen a tattoo I liked for myself.

Plus, my mind is always changing about well, almost everything. Some things I enjoyed at 22, bore me to death now. There are songs and bands that I love, but I cannot hear them every single day. Not everyone is this way. I’m just a little fickle. I could say this is why I’ve never really been in a long term relationship, but I’m pretty sure I’m just bad a choosing dates.

Then again, it’s not like I don’t have any long term relationships. I have friendships that have lasted decades. I just don’t have any romantic relationships that have outlasted a year.

Maybe I should ask people why they got a tattoo. Not someone who got one on a drunk Saturday night at 19, but someone who actually took the time to think about it and chose a symbol or artwork. What is the psychology behind a tattoo? What emotions are triggered? I’ve heard of people getting addicted to it. They get one and then they want more.

2 thoughts on “>Tattoos & Commitment Issues

  1. Joanne

    >I have 2. I was 30 when I got my first one so it was obviously not a drunken impulse at 18. 🙂 The first is a dragonfly and it is between my shoulder blades. It represents one of the most happiest times in my life – when I lived in Alaska. The other is a horseshoe in between my boobs. It has a reason as well. I will be getting a 3rd one.

    When getting them I have a policy about where to do it. Nothing that would prevent me from getting a professional job. Avoid some place that will eventually super sag or stretch out weirdly. (IE no belly or sides).

  2. rocknpunkdad

    >I felt the same way about tattoos when I was younger, and I was in the subvert/underground scene so it wouldn't have been shocking.


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