>Sweating at the State Fair

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>The California State Fair starts today. For the past few years, I’ve missed it. Mostly because I couldn’t find anyone to go with me and partially because it’s just so damn hot. The weather forecast is supposed to start sizzling. Even though the powers that be moved the event up, the weather won’t be much different.

Here’s what I don’t get: The people who refuse to pay for parking. Really? You can’t fork over a measly ten spot, so that you don’t have to trudge over the asphalt jungle an extra half mile?

OK, maybe not a half mile, but when the temp starts soaring into the low 100’s and the sun is beating down, you are going to feel every step over the blacktop/concrete combo. I see these poor dimwitted souls needlessly suffering and causing traffic havoc in the neighborhood. One would think you could cut into the deep fried Twinkie budget just to save yourself a few quarts of sweat and the rest of us from seeing it cross the street.

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