>Speaking of personal grooming…

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>I hardly ever think about the color of my hair. Mostly, I just concern myself with whether or not it looks good/clean/healthy. The only time the color enters my mind is when it’s time to touch it up.

Last night at my friend’s party, some woman said, “I’m so glad that Laura Osnes won Grease Your the One That I Want. I wanted the brunette to win! ” Then she looks at me and says, “No offense.”

What the hell does that mean? You root for someone because of the color of their hair? What about her personality? Her stage presence? Her singing ability?

Clearly, the woman speaking was a brunette with blonde envy. I find this to be an odd phenomenon for someone in California, especially if you’ve grown up in California. Blondes are a dime a dozen here, even in Northern California.

I’ve been a blonde for most of my life. I did a stint where I was a brunette and then a red head, but I eventually came back to my blonde roots, so to speak. Hair color is fleeting and can easily be changed in a matter of an hour and a box of Nice ‘n Easy.


I think I’ll put the following clause/codicil in my living will should I ever actually create one:

“Should I be unconscious for more than 4 days or otherwise unable to groom myself, I hereby request that my sister and/or mother remove any unseemly hair from my chin, eyebrows and/or upper lip as needed.”

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3 thoughts on “>Speaking of personal grooming…

  1. BeerPup

    >That woman was a bitch. Not because of the blonde envy, which she obviously has, but because she was socially clumsy enough to try and make her comment about you. Follicular genetics as a social tool? Lame.

    As Dolly Parton said, “I’m not offended by dumb blonde jokes because I know that I’m not dumb. I also know I’m not blonde.”

  2. Doug

    >I would request that my Coma Groomer (CG) tend to my nails as well. Not a manicure just keep them trimmed and clean (can comacans get dirty nails?). I would also request that a vial of powerful mouthwash be by my bedside at all times so when I wake up my coma breath doesn’t become the 400 lb gorilla.


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