The rules of adult beverages

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 You know what I would like to do? Be able to walk down the street with an alcoholic beverage in my hand and not worry that I am breaking the law. While California is pretty mellow about its liquor laws compared to some states, we still have a weird frame of mind sometimes.

A restaurant has to put up a barrier if it wants to serve alcohol to its patrons who sit outside. I remember places in San Francisco would just set tables on the sidewalk. People would go inside, buy a beer and sit outside to people watch. Such a no-no!

There has to be a waist high barrier to stop people from doing something nefarious with that alcohol. Apparently without the barrier, people were just pouring alcohol down the throats of unsuspecting, underage passersby.

The getting carded phenomenon cracks me up. People with little to no detective training have to figure out if someone is trying to break the law. While buying a bottle of gin at Safeway, I could see the cashier eyeing me as I was digging through my purse for my debit card. He grabbed the gin, looked at me again and asked for my ID.

I wonder if he actually calculated my age in the five seconds he had my license or if he was just making sure I was born before 1990. It’s nice that I’m almost 40 and still baffling people as to my real age. Sometimes I want to ask people who card me how old they thought I was…but of course, they probably won’t give me an honest answer.

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  1. Joanne

    >I miss CA's liberal laws. In WA you could only buy the hard stuff at the state run liquor stores whose posted hours were not always honored. Here in TX apparently I cannot buy wine at 11:30 in the morning on a Sunday.


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