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>I’m all for getting out of one’s comfort zone, but this rejection therapy thing is just bizarre. 

Getting rejected by a different person every day is called working in sales.  For me (and many others), it’s also called dating.  And yes, each rejection I get in my professional and personal life only makes me stronger, but like someone in my office said a couple of months ago, “I’m tired of hearing ‘no’ all the time.  Just once, I’d like to get a yes.”

Plus, I wish I would have thought of a silly self-help scheme like this to make a few bucks.  Maybe I’ll write something called, “Ask For Forgiveness Not For Permission.”  It will help people become more assertive, or possibly get arrested, but I suppose a disclaimer would cover all legal ramifications.

Again, breaking out of your comfort zone is a wonderful thing and it does help to face your fears.  But playing a game to purposely see how much you can get rejected?  I guess whatever works, but it seems a little masochistic if you ask me. 

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  1. BFitzroy

    >There are two kinds of people, avoidant people and non-avoidant people, a.k.a. doormats and normal people.

    Believe it or not, a doormat will not benefit from being told things like "don't say yes when you mean no".


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