>Random Thoughts While in Las Vegas

>Am I as fat as that chick?

A giant plastic bottle of beer is such a bad idea. By the time you get half way done, the beer will be warm. No one should consume liquids in “yards”.

Ooh, cute shoes. She’ll be in a cab before she hits Bally’s.

Is there a tattoo to cigarette ratio in this casino?  The higher the number of tattoos the more likely the person will be smoking.

Ok, I can’t be as fat as that chick.

Sunblock should be handed out at the airport when you get off the plane.

The foreign guys are easy to pick out.  They always look fancy even when they try to dress causal.

Oh God.  I’m totally as fat as that chick.

Do any of these damn escalators work in this town?

People will fall for anything with enough marketing directed at them.

I am not brave enough to stay at the Tropicana, Imperial Palace, or Casino Royale.

It looks like Cupid puked in here.

I’ve been using Visine like a stoner with a job and haven’t smoked anything.

I am not drunk enough to be sitting outside in the desert heat.

5 thoughts on “>Random Thoughts While in Las Vegas

  1. Nanny Goats In Panties


    So did Cupid puke in the bathroom? Or the dinner buffet? Or all over Las Vegas in general?

  2. SFChick74

    >LOL! It was at the end of the Cheap Trick doing Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band show.

    Pink paper hearts rained down on the audience and ended up everywhere.

  3. Miss M

    >Ha ha! I thought you were talking about bright pink vomit from the yard drinks . . . I have seen that myself in a bathroom sink there.

    I am with you on the escalators – that's just what we want to do in the heat – hike up several flights of stairs that are capable of moving.

  4. Geno's Garden

    >I love it. light and funny. Makes me want to try a mutter stream myself (keep it private, however, in case it's too something). Jeannie

  5. SFChick74

    >Thanks for reading, Jeannie!

    M – It was awful. I would rather walk across two extra blocks to get to an escalator than have to hike up stairs in the 100 degree weather.


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