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There is a universal rule of thumb at tweetups. No one tweets at them. Today I went to my first #STPTweetup. No, that’s not a Stone Temple Pilot Tweetup, but a SainT Paul tweetup. I love these types of gatherings. It’s a great way to make new friends. Like I said, you have a built in ice breaker…you all tweet.  I met the gal who runs the gathering, Colleen McGuire.  She was awesome! I felt very welcomed and comfortable.

This one was fairly small compared to the Sacramento tweetups. According to Colleen, this is likely because the weather was nice. Minnesotans like to take advantage of it and enjoy the outdoors when they can, so the tweetups in the spring/summer tend to be smaller than the ones in the winter/fall.

Tomorrow it’s supposed to snow & rain. I wonder if more people would have shown up if the tweetup was Wednesday instead of Tuesday. It’s sort of the opposite of California. When it happens to rain, people hide indoors. No one knows what to do when water falls from the sky.

An aspect of the Twin Cities that I am thoroughly enjoying is the inventiveness of various eating & drinking establishments. Tonight’s venue was the Chatterbox Pub. What did I love about this place? They had Donkey Kong. Donkey Kong! I remember playing that as a kid after church on Sundays. We would go to a drug store and they had one in the back. I was awful at it then and Paul playing Donkey KongI’m awful at it now. Paul was better at it than me, but I think standing too close to him might have been somewhat of a distraction.

Also available….ATARI! They had an old school Atrari 2600 available as well as an original Nintendo system. There were couches surrounding about three TVs in the middle of one of the rooms of the restaurant. So, you could sit there, have dinner, an adult beverage, and play Space Invaders or Super Mario Brothers. I can’t wait to go back and play with those games. Paul actually brought some of his old Nintendo games to play, but we were too busy conversing with tweeters in real life to be bothered with digital stimulation.

By the way, before our tweetup adventure, Paul took me to yet another Snoopy statue. This one is at Half Price Books in Saint Paul. Snoopy is lying on top of his doghouse which is painted all dark and stormy…which if you are unfamiliar, is what Snoopy would always start off with when he was attempting to write.

Peanuts, Twin Cities

Located at Half Price Books

I also appreciated the canine puns around the bottom of the doghouse. Edgar Allen Pooch? Bark Twain? Come on. That’s hilarious!

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