Random Thoughts on the Primary Election

Voter Information PamphletI’m basically going to write myself in as Mayor of Sacramento because I don’t like anyone on the ballot.

Richard Jones, didn’t know the salary of the mayor, but wants to donate a portion of it to keep at least one firefighter or police officer. Seriously? You can’t look that up before making a video about it? I couldn’t even watch the rest of the video I was so pissed off.

Kevin Johnson, I didn’t vote for you before and I’m not going to vote for you again. Maybe if you came up with some real ideas about how to fix things in the city, instead of focusing on pie in the sky ones like trying to keep the Kings here or bringing the A’s into town, you might get my vote.

Leonard Padilla, apparently his hobby is running for mayor. I think he’s been on the ballot for the last eleventy-billion years. He has gotten some national press as of late, but I don’t know if it will give old KJ a run for his money. I doubt it.

Jonathan Rewers, a dark horse candidate? I’d probably vote for him, but I saw the words “strong mayor” on a little sign outside someone’s house down the street. That kind of scares me. What the hell does he intend to do? How much power does he want? If the mayor has little to no power now, why be mayor? Too many questions and not enough time to get an answer.

There are 24 people running for US Senator from California? That’s insane. I cannot even begin to research those people. Maybe that should be my hobby, running for Senate. I don’t want to win. It will just be my hobby. Can you imagine working that into the boring chit chat at networking events? I work at the local widget factory and my hobby is running for Senate.

Why does the general public get to vote for judges? I know there’s probably some deep philosophical or legal reason that is supposed to be for the greater good of everyone, but let’s face it, most people know nothing about these two smhoes running for superior court judge. They could be fine, upstanding citizens or they could both be completely opposite of my personal beliefs. I will take a few minutes to research them, but most people will either just skip this option all together or flip a coin. Not sure that’s what democracy is really all about, but then again, most people don’t even bother going to the voting booth or sending in their ballots, so I guess it’s moot.

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