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Sheriff Bob!

Because I can’t get enough home improvement by watching HGTV, I went with my parents to the Home & Landscape show at Cal Expo.

Basically, every type of vendor your could possibly need to fix something in your house or yard was there.  Air conditioning, roofers, flooring, blinds, cabinetry, and even bankers were all present and accounted for at this shindig.

I’ve heard tell that it’s a good place to research various contractors.  You can talk to them, ask them questions and everyone is in one place.

Am I the only one who is over granite?  Granted, I never really liked it in the first place.  It soaks up liquids faster than a sponge. It’s pretty, but it’s so 2000.  Same thing with stainless steel.  It’s all starting to look dated to me.  I’ve always liked classic looking timeless appliances and fixtures.  Give me a look that will be cool in 15 years and not what you think of when you see a house that was decorated in 1995.

Storage for your island

What really caught my eye, was the fact that some of the food stations were open.  The scent of barbecued meat wafting from this one truck/trailer almost lured me in.  The weird country music turned me off though.  People were chowing down on corn dogs left and right.  Which would go really well with the slushie machine I saw for sale.  Maybe it wasn’t a slushie machine.  It was some kind of giant Snoopy Sno-cone maker without the Snoopy.

I even saw one guy walking around with a beer.  Genius!  It’s like being at the State Fair without the rides, crowds and insane heat.  You still have two days left if you want to check it out.

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