>Random things seen in Sacramento

>The other day I was telling my sister about the time I was on a date in Midtown and saw someone dressed up like Thelma Harper walking down the street. She wasn’t homeless. She just looked like she decided to put on Thelma Harper outfit and go out on the town. Maybe she was inspired by that Jane’s Addiction video, but I’m pretty sure the kids today don’t watch music videos anymore.

Regardless, my sister was telling me about the old guy she saw riding down 26th Street on a beach cruiser in the middle of a May afternoon wearing a gal’s sexy santa costume complete with hat. I pictured the guy as having scraggly long white hair and beard, but forgot to ask her if that was the case.

Of course, neither of us has a photo of these two folks. I’m not very good about taking stealth photos probably because whenever I see something bizarre like that I’m usually laughing my ass off, so the intended target sort of knows what I’m about. Sometimes it’s because I’m just so flabbergasted by what I see that it takes a few seconds for my brain to kick in and think, “I should get a picture of this nutbar.” But of course, by then the moment has passed and I have to resort to merely telling my tale without photographic evidence. Not that photographs are much in the way of evidence these days since they can easily be manipulated, but it’s still nice to have an image to go with the story.

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