>Random things heard in the office

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>Biff: “Can you turn up the air conditioner?”
Me: “It’s warm in here to you?”
Biff: “I’ve got a chest full of hair keeping me warm.”


Guy comes out of his office: “I’d like to share the Yahoo! News with everyone. They added a new word to the dictionary today. It’s “wedgie”.

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  1. kenbob

    >Hello, I’m Ken at inkjetbluesjournal.com Thanks for stopping by. I see you live in SF. My family vacationed there this past June and had a blast. I’d been to SF before, but it was on a business trip and I didn’t get to do much sightseeing. We want to come back again because we ran out of time and didn’t get around to everything. I’m having a Ghirardelli attach right now just thinking about it.


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