Preparations and observations

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We all have funny behaviors, some of them learned from our parents. Whenever I have someone coming over to visit, I have to clean the house. Now, it’s not that I’m messy, it’s just that I don’t dust often.

As a kid I have vague recollections of a can of Lemon Pledge in one hand and a dust rag in the other before a few days before a distant relative came to visit for a week. There was always this pre-visit frenzy.

So, next weekend, I’m going to have a very special visitor. No, it’s not my period! That was last week. Regardless, I want to make a good first impression with this guy. Granted, he probably won’t notice half of the things that I notice, but it’s the effort that counts, right?

What I don’t want is to be thought of as the chick with the dirty house, like the woman Ross dated on Friends. You know which episode I’m talking about.

To be fair to my roommate, the common areas of our home have NEVER looked messy and have always felt comfortable to me. I’m just a worry wart.

I’m still trying to settle into my new place. Being the social butterfly that I am, I haven’t had much time to put away things or organize things. Nothing’s really in boxes per se, but I’m not happy with the placement of the objects. I really should get a feng shui book to help me out. Sure it might be hokum, but anything that makes me more organized is at least a little helpful.

What I really need is a whole day to myself to get to that “I’m done” point. You know when you feel like you’ve finally unpacked and organized everything and feel completely at home. I’m almost there…I just need to get that organized feeling.

2 thoughts on “Preparations and observations

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