>Online Dating Chronicles: The Pause Button


So, after my last dating adventures, I’ve decided that it’s time to do what everyone who jumps into the online dating world does…and that’s take a break.

It’s very freeing. I have more time. I’m not doing it because my heart is broken. I just want one less thing to have on my to do list right now.  I want to focus on getting my life in a better place.

Plus, now that I’ve decided to allow the possibility of having a kid into my reality, I need to add some new criteria to my dating check list. OK, I don’t have an actual check list, but I am now going to consider genetic and familial issues when the relationship gets going.

See that…I used a positive “when” statement…not “if”.

Regardless, I know I sound like Dr. Sheldon Cooper when I say things like that I’m taking into account a guy’s genotype and phenotype even if I’m swooning over a text message he sent, but what I really will want to know is if I can put up with his family. I don’t care if they like me or not (they better damn well like me), but what I worry about is whether or not I can handle their brand of crazy.

Every family has a brand of crazy, if you think your family doesn’t, you are wrong. And a divorce does not sever ties if a child has been conceived.

It’s not a simple equation. You have your own preferences, tolerances and beliefs. I think a bit of distance can be helpful sometimes too. Either way, I’m taking this break to evaluate what variables are going into my equation. Plus, I’m mentally exhausted from the whole dating exercise. Give me two months and I’ll be reinvigorated to search for love.

Of course, some fool could come along and sweep me off my feet and all the logic and reasoning will be right out the window. And from my brief experience, logic and reasoning don’t always equate to happiness.

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