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>My dryer makes a weird noise if the weight of the clothing is too light. At least that’s what my thorough investigation has reveled.  Does this happen to anyone else?  It sounds like a gnome climbed in to get warm when I wasn’t looking and the dryer is angrily trying to spew him out.    It puts an added stress on doing laundry. And we all know how stressful laundry can be!

I may or may not Google the problem, but it will probably tell me that something dire is about to happen and I should unplug the machine and to run to the hills.  I am not going to bother to call a repair person because my luck is that he will tell me the sound is normal and there’s nothing I can do about it. 

This happens when I think I need any type of “repair.”  I call the mechanic because the breaks are squealing when I’m backing up or I call the doctor because I have a weird pain/bump/protrusion; I get the same answer, “It’s normal.  There’s nothing we can do about it.”  The only time I don’t get that standard answer is with computer.  I get the “Hmmm.  No one has had that problem before…”  The questions I ask cannot be predicted by the manual and the IT person has never encountered them in their vast 8 year experience. 

It’s not that I have control issues, it’s that no one ever seems to be able to help me.  Maybe I just have a hard time knowing when I need help and when I don’t.  Sometimes being an adult is hard.

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