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>Am I the only one grossed out whenever I see someone wearing scrubs who is not actually within the bounds of a hospital or clinic?

There is a woman who I see power walking through my neighborhood at least twice a week in full medical regalia. So she is out in the public gathering all sorts of germs while getting her exercise in during her state mandated break. Then she heads back to the hospital to deliver a baby or otherwise assist someone with a medical need? Gnarly.

Or maybe she’s out spreading a trail of germs while she burns off that donut she ate for breakfast. Can medical & dental folks do us all a favor and keep the scrubs out of the grocery stores and restaurants? God only knows what manner of bodily fluids are hiding in the folds of your clothing. The world is gross enough without your garments reminding me that you deal with mucus membranes on a regular basis.

2 thoughts on “>No Scrubs

  1. Tonja

    >stumbled on your post… i work in the medical field and 1) she probably isn't wearing the same ones to work and 2) scrubs are also to protect us from the goo and germs that get on US at work as well.. that way we can strip them off before we head all the way in the house.. and anyone operating on you wears a sterile gown over those scrubs anyway 🙂 just an FYI


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