>A month of missteps, foul ups, and delays ahead?

>If things seem to be annoying you even more than usual over the next month, blame it on Mercury.  I know. Just about everyone says they don’t believe in astrology, yet everyone seems to know what sign they are, even when someone tried to change it

Whether or not you subscribe to the notion that the movement and alignment of the planets effect your life and personality, there is something to be said about the strange coincidence of Mercury going retrograde and the higher occurrence of things fouling up.  Remember the Presidential Election of 2000?  Blame Mercury for those hanging chads. 

Of course, I’m always looking for some reason why my computer acts like a bratty teenager or why my car’s oil pressure light only flashes angrily at me when I’m driving home at night and not at the mechanic’s garage.  It just seems more logical to say the energy of a planet moving in a backward motion relative to the Earth is the cause instead of just saying that’s the way it is…I don’t like that.  I need a reason for mysterious behaviors of machine and man alike.

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