Mini-figure it out: bump codes in Series 11

toyThe other day, a new series of Lego minifigures was released. Let me explain. Paul is an Adult Fan of Legos (AFOL). One of his hobbies to build various, well, buildings in a city he is creating. Plus, he likes the characters that Lego comes up with a couple of times each year in their minifigures collections. This time, the theme is Christmas-y, sort of…

Anyway, what happens is that Lego releases these things in a grab bag type situation. There are 16 different minfigures, but you don’t really know what you are going to get in the bag.

There are two ways you can sort of game the system. First, you can feel up the bag and try to see if you recognize a piece from a specific minifigure. The other way is to look for “bump codes.” These are little bumps on the bottom of a bag in various orders. You can see them from the photos below:

legos, minifigures, Series 11

Pretzel girl & Elwood sax guy bump codes

legos, minifigures, Series 11

Constable & Lady Robot bump codes

legos, minifigures, Series 11

Roller skate waitress & scientist bump code

At first, we were going to sort through all of the bags and try to get one of each kind of patter of bump code. Paul got bored with that after about 10 minutes, but I think the universe was trying to warn us. He ended up just grabbing 10 different bags, all with different bump codes, but as you can see, we still got doubles:

legos, minifigures, Series 11

Yeti bump codes

legos, minifigures, Series 11

Rock climber bump codes

So, does the bump code trick work? Yes and no. It does sometimes. We’ve tried it on previous series and it worked half of the time. It seems to be a combination of the bump code and feel up technique improves your odds of finding the gingerbread man. We didn’t get one this round, but his flat round head should be easy to detect in a bag.

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