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I’m sorry, but I think men have pointless hobbies. 

Watching sports, playing video games and even fishing & hunting make sense to me.  I’m talking about hiking, running marathons and camping. Why would I ever want to do any of those things? 

A hike?  I see no need to wander aimlessly through the wilderness.  Walking to a restaurant, bar or store makes sense.  Heck, even walking around the block is OK with the right company, but why drive miles and miles just to take a walk and avoid all manner of critters?

Camping? Isn’t that just sleeping in the wilderness?  Thanks, but that’s what you do when a giant quake strikes and all the houses, hotels, and other structures have been decimated. Why eschew indoor plumbing and electricity?

And a marathon?  Unless I’m being chased, I see no point to running.  Now if you are training to survive the zombie apocalypse, then by all means run your marathon.  At least there is a point to all that running.

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