>I’m just tired, so I’m rambling.

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>There’s nothing to watch on television. My hormones are making me whiny and irritable.

I watched that new TV show with Anne Heche last night. Aside from a couple of hot guys, it really isn’t worth putting on my Tivo list.

Dancing with the Stars was only worth a couple of minutes of entertainment while Tom Jones sang.

My roots are getting out of control. Yes, my blonde hair comes out of bottle and I’m proud of it. Any woman who won’t admit to coloring her hair has deep-seeded issues.

I’m tired of cleaning up cat puke. How people still have pets is beyond me. They just seem to be nothing, but a source of stress. Eat, puke, shit, sleep. Oh, I forgot to mention shed, shed, shed. My cat should be bald with the amount of fur she sheds, but somehow she still has a healthy coat.

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3 thoughts on “>I’m just tired, so I’m rambling.

  1. odiwan

    >get a wire brush and comb the cats hair, it’s quite relaxing for you and you cats will love it. descreased the shedding in my house.


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