>I was just kidding

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>Bobbie was nominated to be on this lame committee in the office. One of her duties is to update this display of people who have done an “Outstanding Job” and been nominated by their peers to receive a $50 bonus.

Bobbie carefully removed the glass from the display frame and began gingerly setting the large rectangle down. As I was walking past I smiled and said “Crash!” She gave me a wary look as I went into the copy room.

I stood there under the greenish glow of the fluorescent copy room lights staring at the UPS envelopes in the dingy cupboards when I hear something shatter. I ran out to see the glass rectangle in pieces on the floor.

Damn. If I new I had that kind of power, I’d have a different job.

7 thoughts on “>I was just kidding

  1. odiwan

    >Now they can blame you. It’s all your fault. Is it so wrong that others misfortune bring me such joy?

  2. Petra

    >If only…it’s a good thing I don’t have that kind of power or any superhero power – cause I’d go bad for sure. It’s a good thing that I don’t have cyclops eyes cause i’d take out a lot of people. Probably regret it later, but in that moment when they’re at their most annoying, there’d be no stopping me.

  3. tsduff

    >Hmmmm (insert strains of theme from “The Twilight Zone” here) Sounds interesting… does it work anywhere else?


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