>I need a reminder for this reminder…


Today at work I was scrolling through my Outlook calendar and noticed a mysterious entry.  All it said was “100 Days”…nothing else.

Not to toot my own horn, by my memory is pretty darn good.  If I ever get a chance at trivia night, the local bar will probably kick me out for not letting anyone else have a chance to answer the questions. (Toot, toot!)

It’s not as fast as it used to be what with all the “fun” I had in college and the general fact that there is just a heck of alot of short term stuff to remember as technology changes.

Usually, I can jog it, if I’m drawing a blank.  A few random hints and the cartoon light bulb over my head goes off.  My problem solving skills aren’t too shabby. If I can’t find it on the Internet, it doesn’t exist on the Internet. (Toot, toot!)

So I went back 100 days from the calendar entry and…nothing.  I tried to figure out if there was a file in my computer that might have been saved around that time, but nothing came up.  None of my bosses were around today, so I couldn’t ask them about it.

This not remembering is haunting me.  I’ll be mulling it over for a few days.  What could possibly happen in a little over 3 months that I would need to take note?  Maybe someone accidentally put it on my calendar.  Other people do have access to it.  Maybe someone is playing a trick on me.  It’s a psychological experiment to see how long it takes me to get agitated about something unimportant.

That’s it.  A robot hacked into my work computer and instead of stealing all of my valuable data, it just input this lame calendar entry while also slowing down the processor to a snails pace, so I get bored waiting for websites and software to load in minutes instead of at the speed of thought…  Which in turn causes me too look at Twitter more often than I should in order to stave off said boredom.  Then my boss thinks I’m being a slacker because I’m staring at my iPhone too much…

Hmmm.  Maybe it was just a mistake after all.

2 thoughts on “>I need a reminder for this reminder…

  1. Kathy

    >Oh, that happened to me once! It wasn't a reminder, it was a detail about a client I made. When I went to write it up in my monthly report, I had no idea what the hell I had said. I used a nonsensical word I can't remember right now. I never did figure it out. You're doomed in 100 days. Just sayin'.


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