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It’s the time of the year when machines break down. In fact, the worst of the break downs is when the coffee maker goes kaput. Do you have one of these fancy Keurig one cup beverage makers?

They are kind of awesome…when they work.

My sister got one a year and a half ago. Hers broke down about 6 months ago. My parents got one for Christmas or maybe it was in September?  Either way, not very long ago. It stopped brewing on Friday. One of my friends is on her 3rd one in the past two years.

The one good thing is that if the machine breaks down, Keurig will send you a new one. What I can’t understand is how this company stays in business if these things keep breaking down and they keep replacing the entire machine for free.

Do they cost nothing to make and their $200 price tag is mostly profit for the company? Will they just recall the machines and fix the problem as a whole? Or will people just get tired of not being able to drink their caffeinated beverages and just move on to something more reliable? The mystery continues…

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